The perfect winter warmer:

Superbone - the real chicken soup for the mind, body & soul

It's time to stimulate your body from the inside-out and get your broth on!

Our masterfully crafted rich hearty bone broth has truly captured the taste, aroma and feel of your Grandma's old-fashioned homemade chicken soup. It feels like a great big warm hug as it meanders through your body, activating your senses, feelings and cells with every sip. All of the gut lovin' goodness of real chicken bone broth, herbs & spices infused with our P360 Collagen Matrix to help stimulate your body. It is a nourishing, flavour-packed bone broth that you can actually feel doing its job.

Did you know that a single 24g serve of our Saname Collagen Range is equivalent to the protein in ~2 chicken tenderloins?

Yes, around 20g of protein without the digestive stress of eating real meat! Collagen is a slow release protein boost that helps you feel fuller for longer, and also helps reduce those nasty sugar cravings.

Just 2 serves of our Saname range gives you the recommended food dosing of the differently structured collagen proteins required each day. You can increase your intake to 3-5 serves per day if you want to: accelerate recovery from exercise, injury & surgery, help boost your immunity, or to reduce pain & inflammation in the body & gut. It is also an easy way to increase your daily protein intake without all of the usual food digestive stresses, and can be used as part of a 5:2 intermittent fasting regime. Every body is different so listen to yours and help yourself.