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Collagen levels normally decline as we get older, but a bad diet can also result in too little collagen. Supplements can compensate for part of this shortage or loss.

Collagen supplements have traditionally been sold to improve skin health and bone strength, but as scientific evidence mounts, we're starting to see collagen used for fitness and sports performance.

So, how well does it work? Is it true that increasing your collagen intake will increase your fitness? The answer is a resounding yes. Here are some of the collagen supplement fitness benefits that have at least some academic backing.

  • Reduce Joint Pain with More Collagen
  • Improving Muscle Mass
  • Collagen Supplements for Fitness May Enhance Recovery
  • Reduce Sports Injuries with Collagen

Collagen supplementation has been demonstrated in several trials to increase the diameter of tendons in joints. Athletes and their ankles were the focus of one study. For six months, the athletes were given collagen supplements or a placebo. Ankle injuries were considerably lower in those who took the supplement.

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