P360™ for Weight-Loss & Well-Being

EASY LIVING – Weight-Loss & Well-Being

The world is too heavy! But we all love to eat, and we won’t compromise on taste, so we need to find alternatives. Okay, but low-fat and low-calorie products are so uninspiring and dull!

SANME has created a EASY, FUN, NO FUSS & DELICIOUS solution. We have created an effective new concept whereby you can enjoy your FOOD in HOT | COLD | ICED liquid Forms as HIGH PROTEIN | LOW CARB | LOW SUGAR | LOW CALORIE functional FOOD for passive calorie management. Partially or, in food applications as meals (ie. add fruit/vegies/noodles/milk etc), completely, the PROTEIN contents of your meals is replaced with SANAME P360™ collagen.

We have creatd 21 different flavours - 1 unflavoured, 14 flavoured collagens |& 6 savoury collagen bonebroths to tantalise your taste buds and nourish your soul with REAL nutritional goodness, without loss of taste or mouthfeel so it fulfils all those sensory warm hug feels

SANAME P360™ Collagen peptides can also contribute to active calorie management, helping us to eat less whilst giving you that sense of satiety, satiation & satisfaction.

Weekly Selection

“We are an Australian health food business, specialising in collagen & bone broths.”

- The Saname Team