P360™ for Managing Stress & Cortisol

Due to our high stress, time poor lifestyles, our bodies are working even harder, making it difficult to maintain an optimum level of health. That's where P360 Collagen, Superbone bone broth & Coffee Collagen come to the rescue as a simple, effective, no fuss ways to stimulate your body and give it that little bit of extra help it needs.

The following variables all play a vital role in causing extra stress on your body, which can in turn affect your overall health and well being: Not eating properly, whether it be too much, not enough, bingeing, fasting or skipping meals, your stress levels, your environment, the quality and quantity of food you eat, your level of physical activity, your hormones, your psychological state of mind, how you see yourself, treat yourself, treat others, your relationship with yourself, your relationship with others, your knowledge of what's actually good for you, social and stereotypical stigmas & beliefs, your willpower and determination.

A divorce, break-up, abandonment, loss of a loved one, grief, losing your job, anxiety, depression, major surgery, drug & mental rehabilitation, chronic fatigue, worriment and burning the candle at both ends are also forms of stresses and trauma inflicted on your body. These may lead you to developing unhealthy coping mechanisms that can comprise the efficiency of your bodily functions and systems. Stress raises cortisol levels, slowing down metabolic and other endocrine system processes. The common saying 'stress less, you'll live longer' actually has holds a lot of merit. If you stop, take a deep breath and have a reflective moment about all the stress, trauma & pain you are experiencing you can give your body some simple relief.

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- The Saname Team