P360™ for Cartilage & Connective Tissues


Do you know why archery bows used to be stringed with real tendons? Because there are very few natural complexes that are more elastic and, at the same time, have a high tear-resistance. In the human body, ligaments hold bones together whereas tendons bind muscles to bones. They are almost entirely composed of collagen and play crucial roles in mobility, stability and movement control.

Eventually, with time, our bodies produce less collagen. And, when ligaments and tendons lose their flexibility and elasticity, it affects us all. Athletes tend to notice this phenomenon as their bounce and take-off power reduce and their susceptibility to injury increases.

SANAME P360™ Collagen peptides have been specifically designed to protect our musculoskeletal system and increase the elasticity of ligaments and tendons. This works best when combined with regular exercise and targeted training. Those who participate in particularly stress-intensive sports should take a preventive approach to and not wait until the first symptoms occur — because, by then, the damage is usually already considerable.

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