Are you a serial breakfast skipper, or just have a coffee on the run?

By simply adding a scoop of P360 Collagen to your favourite morning coffee can make a big difference. You are giving yourself 20g of pure protein to begin the day & kick start your metabolism. It works out to be as cheap as $2.50 a serve, which is a bargain considering the benefits you are giving back to your body. You can even Afterpay your order if you prefer. Short on time? Simply enjoy our Coffee Flavoured Collagen, coffee infused with high protein collagen.

Do you partake in intermittent fasting or eating?

Our Saname P360 Collagen & bone broth range is great to compliment your routine as you can slot them in and give yourself a quick and easy liquid breakfast or lunch without causing the usual digestive stress to your body associated with eating solid meals and best of all they are all high protein, low-carb, low calorie so if you do calorie count they aren't going to blow your hypo-caloric daily goal.

Do you hit the gym or go for a run, a surf or a cycle to start your day?

Our P360 Collagen Range is great whether you prefer to get your protein hit before or after your workout.

Are you a busy, running around with a million things to get done?

Yep, you guessed it P360 Collagen, P360 Coffee & Superbone bone broth are the quick, simple, convenient and no-fuss solution to help you power through your day. It's as simple as adding them to your preferred liquid or food, or even just hot water. It's that easy.

Do you have weight issues?

Check out this flow chart, it shows all the different factors that can influence your ability to lose or gain weight, why you feel happy, sad, sluggish, depressed or overwhelmed. It's quite shocking, but it makes you realise that even if there was a magic pill out there, there are still so many other elements physically, emotionally, environmentally and psychological that can influence the way you are feeling right now. Saname is a mind, body and soul energy matrix.

There are 10 major influence factors that affect the way we act, our eating habits, how we feel and how we cope with life's challenges. These are:

  • The media
  • Social interaction
  • Psychological factors
  • Economic factors
  • Food & nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Infrastructure
  • Developmental factors
  • Biological factors
  • Medical factors.

Who we include in our social circles are major influences on many of these things, some people you will recognise as enablers, others are negative influences and others as positive influences.

Just as a ginseng shot gives you that extra boost of energy, P360 Collagen is a quick and easy way to flood your body with several differently structured collagen amino acids chains that cruise around the body finding their tribes of collageous cells that "look like" them and they get together to plan and repair any areas that are compromised. Your body then sends an urgent call-to-action to your brain and says 'I need help', send me an army of collagen cells the same as me to here so we can get working on restoration.

We have done extensive testing and are pleased to report that everyone who has had our ultimate sample pack has felt a positive difference and noticed an initial improvement in just 4 days. Bear in mind, if the powerlines in the body (nervous system) are down or cut then it can take a bit longer.

Why Saname P360 Collagen Range?

We have done years of hard work, researching the market and availability so we can offer our customers the highest quality and leading edge products. We are proud to source our collagen from the global leaders in the Collagen Peptide Market, and making it available to the general public. Our P360 Unflavoured Collagen has a neutral taste and odour. We understand and value the necessity of offering products to meet the world's diverse ethnic and religious demands - and are proud that P360 Collagen is clean label, and has the necessary global certifications to make it a safe and appropriate food source.