P360™ for Camping, Adventure & Travel

Everyone loves getting out and about, some of us have even adopted the Minimalist Nomadic Lifestyle as a permanent way of life.

Often you don't have the luxuries of having a fully stocked kitchen with every herb/spice or a large fridge/freezer so you are often limited with your resources or are in a remote area and it can be hours away just to get to the local servo, grocer, butcher or shop. 

Whether you are trekking mountains and ranges on foot or going mountain biking you can only carry so much on your back, but that's no need to skimp of feeding and fueling your body with all the good stuff.

It's often as easy as a thermos with 2litres of hot water in it so you can have warm, rich soul satisfying coffee / chocolate / bonebroth soups throughout the day to keep you going, well nourished and keeping all the body systems functioning at their optimum, no one likes running out of puff half way up the mountain or half way along the path... 

What's so attractive about SANAME Collagen infused BoneBroths?

- Simply, Easy, Versatile ways to enjoy them.....

- Long Shelf Life

- Great for Prepping, Caravanning or Travelling

- Available in variable sizes whether you are flying away for the weekend (dont forget to pack a 6 pack of the single serves for the plane, hotel or adventure) - having a week away, take your favourite 2 x 264g flavours with you - sealed pouches means no stops at the airport as well!!!

Whether you are camping , glamping, caravanning, living it up at a resort , retreat or just having a relaxing beach or rainforest weekend away, don't forget to take your 2 x SANAME a day with you!!!


 Collagen Protein Brews - HOT | COLD | ICED

Due to our high stress, time poor lifestyles, our bodies are working even harder, making it difficult to maintain an optimum level of health. That's where P360 Collagen, Superbone bone broth & Coffee Collagen come to the rescue as a simple, effective, no fuss ways to stimulate your body and give it that little bit of extra help it needs.

Weekly Selection

“We are an Australian health food business, specialising in collagen & bone broths.”

- The Saname Team