P360™ & PH360 Health Types (Epigenetics)

Discovering Your HealthType™

Sit back and relax as your instructors introduce you to YOUR unique HealthType™ and epigenetic profile, powered by ShaeWellness™.


We’ll deliver to you a custom sleep system SPECIFIC to your HealthType™ and profile data. Get ready to finally get the good nights rest you’ve been looking for!


Think kale is good for everyone? Think again. We’ll show you how to select the exact right foods your body, how to cook them, whent to eat them…with recipes available directly in your Shae™ app.


If you were anything like us, you probably have a love-hate relationship with exercise. Allow us to break down the right exercise modalities for you, so you can spend that willpower somewhere else!


We’re all chasing that feeling of ‘flow’, but few know how to reliably tap into it. In our Genius training, we’ll show you how to work smarter, so you can achieve more without burning out!

So much more!

“Siri for your health”.Shae Wellness uses the Shae™ app the ultimate tool for personalised health

ShaeWellness™ – Your Virtual Health Assistant

 Dubbed by the media as “Siri for your health”.

Your ShaeWellness™ data is delivered straight to you with the Shae™ app – the ultimate tool for personalised health info given to you in real-time, right at your fingertips.

Simple to navigate

 A user-friendly dashboard displays your profile in full colour 

Easily downloadable

 Available on Apple and Google App Stores 

Health without thinking

 Shae™ is designed to be your personal virtual health assistant 

Personalized health insights

 To increase energy, productivity, and health levels while at work and at home 


The Sciences behind PH360 – An Overview

Weekly Selection

“We are an Australian health food business, specialising in collagen & bone broths.”

- The Saname Team