P360™ & PH360 Health Types (Epigenetics)

WHAT's MY EPIGENETIC PH360 Bio-Health Type?




          Health Type        Somatotype         Dominant "Feel Good" Hormone

          SENSOR            Ectomorph       (Vasopressin)
          CRUSADER       Ecto-Meso        (Dopamine)
          ACTIVATOR       Mesomorph      (ACTH & Adrenaline)
          CONNECTOR    Meso-Endo       (Oxytocin)
          GUARDIAN        Endomorph      (Prolactin)
          DIPLOMAT         Endo-Ecto        (Serotonin)


Should you sleep in or get up at the crack of dawn? Is protein right at night or lunchtime? Is exercising in the morning or afternoon going to help you achieve your goals? It’s these simple choices that can make all the difference in your health and well being. But which to choose?

Simply find out your HealthType for the answers! Take the 3-minute quiz for everything you need to start your journey to optimal health!

Many popular diets and exercise crazes assume that they're going to work on everyone who tries them. However, every human being is unique.

Health isn't one-size-fits-all. What works for one person may not work for you — it might even be detrimental!

That's why we need to personalise our health programs to suit different body types. Once we know your biology then you tap into the world of personalised health tailored specifically to YOU.... we will talk about the role of genetics and epigenetics in determining your bodies' specific tendencies towards stress and food.

We also delve into the different body types and what diets and exercises are most suitable for you, as some people are not build to run marathons & others are not build to lift weights or do gymnastics etc... EVERY BODY IS DIFFERENT!


 Why do YOU need Personalised Health?

Everyone is different: With so much confusion around the ‘optimal health plan’ for human health. It is time to change your approach and understand that different people will have different exercise, nutrition and lifestyle requirements based on their unique biology.
The human body is not static: Just because a program worked once, does not mean it will stay that way. Your programs must evolve with the person as they age, the climate changes and at different times throughout the day. It is the environment that controls our gene expression!
One man’s food is another’s poison: Healthy foods & exercise aren’t the same for everyone. In fact, healthy for one can be dangerous for another.
The 80:20 Myth: It’s more than just food & exercise. Mental health, social health and even the climate can influence health, sometimes even more than food!
Reduce the overwhelm: Health and fitness professionals are often overworked from researching, running a business and caring for clients. Advances in personalised health technology have been designed to take the stress away from the practitioner, allowing you to focus on what you love – impacting people’s lives!

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 Once you know your FREE Healthy Type   - Let us know!!! That way we can give you some tailored helpful hints for your to get the best out of your Phenotype.


How Does It Work?

ph360™ uses anthropometry (scientific assessment of your body’s measurements), family history, and assessment of your lifestyle and environment to determine your phenotypical profile. This allows your app, Shae, to correlate predictive, preventative personalized health data and give you practical health advice.



In modern anthropometry, it is known that every bodily measurement has a specific ratio when harmony is maintained. Anthropometric measurements are thus used as markers of health and disease, not only on their own but commonly as they relate to one another.

Similarly, the body displays signs and symptoms that can be used to assess its current state of health.

Your body on the outside is a direct reflection of your health on the inside. From these simple physical assessments, ph360™ personalizes data specifically to your body, right now. 

These are just 6 of the external physiological signs.


There have been many long-term studies conducted using ph360™, 


Here are also 6 short videos to help you start to delve into  ph360™ and understanding your Phenotype and how to get the best out of physiology and THRIVE!!!



What to Do Next.... 

 * There are 4 options available to you 

  • FREE HEALTH TYPE TEST - this just tells you your health type and a little bit about it

  • $9US (~$15AU)- Basic Health Type Report PDF download with 1 Layer of Personalised Health Type Info
  • $49US (~$75AU) - 3mths access to SHAE and your personalised health with 15 layers of Personalised Health Type Info
  • $97US - (~$155AU) 12mths access to SHAE and and your personalised health with 15 layers of Personalised Health Type Info (Sleep - Food - Fitness - Genius - Personalised Recipes & So MUCH MORE!!  (think of it as Siri for your Health - the Shae™ app is the ultimate tool for your personalised health)
  • $499AU - All the things in the $97US - (~$155AU) option PLUS an In Person Measure Up with Peta on the Gold Coast, FREE SANAME products, full Health Risk Assessment & 2 x 1hr in person follow ups - comprehensive 1:1 assistance in regards to FOOD and MOOD & developing healthy habits around how you think, act and appreciate food in your life - portion control, mindset and so much more. (Think of this option as your in-person appointment to a specialised Health Practitioner who can FASTRACK your integration into living, breathing and eating for your Epigenetic Health Type)



one time payment - $9US

    • Health Type PDF download

    • 1 x Personalization Layer: HealthType

    • Seasonal Replenishment - Download

    • Assessment - Basic HealthType Test


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SUPER DETOX with immune support

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  • Online membership (plus mobile app)
  • 15 Personalization Layers
  • 3 x group panel coaching calls
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  • Immune Support Filter
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  • 25,000+ Recipes Ranked For You
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ALL ACCESS - full service membership

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    • Online membership (plus mobile app)
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    • 8-Week Program Included
    • Immune Support Filter
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    • 4 Seasons Included plus Detox Protocol
    • 25,000+ Recipes Ranked For You
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    • Full Assessment with Unlimited Updates

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    • Every individual is different, but SOCIETY keeps applying the same health approaches to everyone, which is WRONG
    • Misalignment between the body and its environment causes diseases.
    • Personalising your health helps you align yourself with your environment. 
    • People have different chronotypes which are based on when their bodies can tolerate stress.
    • Some people are ‘Activators’. Their bodies respond best to adrenal systems. In turn, they have energy that matches their strength throughout the day. 
    • ‘Diplomats’ have bodies that respond better to their digestive and nervous systems. These people are more at risk for fluid retention, tiredness, and weight gain.
    • Muscle and fat production relies on the hormones stimulated by food and exercise. 
    • ‘Crusaders’ have bodies that are neurally-driven and are not prone to obesity.
    • Because Crusaders are more likely to lose muscle, they are recommended to eat several small meals per day.
    • ‘Guardians’ have thick joints and big muscles. However, they also have the greatest capacity to store fat.
    • Guardians are recommended to have two meals per day (breakfast and lunch) and a very light, if not non-existent, dinner.
    • Because Crusaders are always on the edge of their fuel supply, intermittent fasting will impact their stress levels more. 
    • Crusaders should only do one day of intermittent fasting per week.
    • Guardians, however, can go for extended periods of fasting because their rhythms are slower. 
    • Being in a peaceful environment helps manage stress levels and makes intermittent fasting more tolerable.
    • Intermittent fasting and autophagy do not necessarily work for all. 
    • Because Guardians have strong and resilient bodies, they’re more likely to survive if there were a lack of food supply. 
    • A Guardian’s body is that way because in nature, they protect their community.
    • ‘Sensors’, another ectomorph body type like the Crusaders, prefer nutrient-dense foods like vegetables.
    • Guardians, however, like high-calorie foods more because they provide a feeling of safety.
    • The dominant hormone for Guardians is prolactin—a ‘caring’ hormone.
    • Diplomats search for a balance in serotonin—a hormone that you get as a reward for pleasurable things. This makes them assess an activity carefully if it’s going to be rewarding. 
    • Activators search for adrenaline, so they always want excitement and action.
    • Crusaders' dominant hormone is dopamine, which creates drive and focus.
    • Listen to the full episode to learn more about the different body types (like ‘Connectors’ and ‘Sensors’) and their dominant hormones.

    Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 4.46.19 pm.png

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    Science has proven that your lifestyle can affect your health.
    Decades of research gathered centuries of data from scientific studies and lifestyle interventions including anthropometry (measurements and proportions of the human body), endocrinology (endocrine glands and hormones), neuroscience (nervous system), embryology (the unborn embryo), biotypology (biotypes or organism sharing the same hereditary history), phenotypology (character diagnosis according to appearance) plus 9 other areas of science. Taking these into account along with body measurements science can assess your current health status. Over 10,000 data points are captured during this process. They use a combination of Western genetics and Traditional Chinese & Ayurvedic principles, then the data is used to calculate your current health. 
    In short it measures your genes and how they are currently behaving.

    You are not controlled by your genes, but rather by the effect environment has on your gene expression. The good news is that you are in charge of the environment around your genes

    Breaking the 80/20 rule. t's not just about nutrition and exercise - there is so much influence from other aspects of our lives that was, up until this point...very hard to understand.

    Knowing the DNA is one thing, but how that DNA is expressed is actually more important. There is a reason you skin reacts a certain way to sunlight, the size of your organs, the length of your bones, and it is all related to the environment that your body has been surrounded by.

    ‘We know that everyone's different, but then when we go to actually doing the thing, we apply the average, or we apply what we think is appropriate thinking that everybody else is the same. So we have this disconnect between knowledge and action.’

    ‘The mind is also on a clock of its own. Essentially, if you're exercising at the wrong time, you set up the wrong kinds of hormones, then you can actually create complete stasis in your health.’

    ‘There’s a full continuum of where people are. This is based on not just their wants to wake up. . . it’s actually as to when a body can tolerate stress, and how that stress should be placed on them.’

    ‘Whether you put muscle or fat tissue on, it's actually not to do with your food or your exercise, it's got to do with the hormones that those foods and exercise stimulate.’

    ‘It's not a one size fits all when you hear everybody talking about intermittent fasting or doing these things—autophagy, inhibiting mTOR, and all those sorts of things.’

    'The reason that their (Guardians') body is built the way it is is [because] when we go through famine as a community, their body goes into conservation. They essentially start growing, or they start slowing down their metabolism so that they can provide food for everybody else.'

    ‘If you put your body in the right environment, get the right foods, eat at the right times of the day, work and do your mental stuff, you'll get health and you'll get optimal performance and you'll get longevity.’

    Ecto, Meso and Endo have been hugely confused with different definitions. This presentation goes through the morphology of somatotypes and how they actually link back to the simplest building blocks of life - the embryo.

    SENSOR            Ectomorph       (Vasopressin)
    CRUSADER       Ecto-Meso        (Dopamine)
    ACTIVATOR      Mesomorph      (ACTH & Adrenaline)
    CONNECTOR    Meso-Endo       (Oxytocin)
    GUARDIAN        Endomorph      (Prolactin)
    DIPLOMAT        Endo-Ecto        (Serotonin)





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