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 Note - A Pop Up should come up & give you Your SANAME Star Rewards Balance - if it doesn't then you need to JOIN SANAME REWARDS. Then Move to Step 2


Click on the above and you will see SANAME Star Rewards & the Referrals Options - The easiest one is to Share on Facebook or Via Email (it autogenerates a custom $15 off Picture & your VIP REFERRAL LINK IS EMBEDDED Automatically - You just need to personalise your post and SHARE WHY YOU LOVE SANAME & Why Your Humans NEED IT TOO!!


We want to keep it REAL - We don't want FAKERS promoting our products!!! 

WE WANT YOU - our SANAME ARMY of Amazing Humans who LOVE our products sharing the LOVE.


You can quickly check your SANAME Reward Points clicking the above anytime - It will also show you at a glance how many REFERRALS have been completed out of the 16 you NEED for the $500 Prepaid Mastercard Gift Card

Plus the RE-SHARE / RE-POST / RE-EMAIL option is here too



Sometimes your HUMANS (Friend, Family, Workmates, Clients, Customers etc don't order straight away or may need reminding - so if you want to REACH your 16 x Referrals quicker you may need to SHARE the love with MORE HUMANS...

  Once you have;

  1. Placed an online order YOURSELF over $88.00 in SANAME Products from TODAY (1st July 2024)
  2. Have 16 x New Completed Referral Orders showing completed on your SANAME Rewards Account AFTER 30th June 2024
  3. Have a SANAME Rewards Points Balance of OVER 55,000 points

We will tick all the boxes on our end & notify you to let you know the Gift Card is on its way as our HUGE Thankyou for SHARING THE LOVE WITH YOUR HUMANS

We REALLY do appreciate YOU EVER SOO MUCH!! xoxo


Got GOLD Fever!!!

Note - You can earn more than 1 x $500 Pre Paid Gift Mastercard , SIMPLY REPEAT THE WHOLE PROCESS again

  1. You x 1 order + 16 referred orders

You x 2 orders + 32 referred orders

You x3 orders + 48 referred orders  etc)



This is a RECAP of the above..

SHARE - your unique SANAME VIP Referral Link with EVERYONE YOU KNOW & when 16 of your Amazing Humans place an order online over $88.00 you get a $500 Prepaid Gift Mastercard

Important Finer Details - Your SANAME Star Reward Points Balance will increase by 3,300pts each time a REFERRAL ORDER is completed & you will get a confirmation email automatically once YOUR Humans have completed their eligible online order.

Watch it Grow - when your SANAME Reward Points reaches over 55,000 points  & 16 x online Referral Orders have been completed

WE WILL VALIDATE & REDEEM 50,000 of your SANAME Reward Points for the $500 Physical Prepaid GIFT Card & send it.

 Not Partially Redeemable or Transferrable for CASH or any other form of Currency etc.  16 x New Referral orders MUST be 16 x different REAL LIVING SOULS not including yourself.   You Must ALSO Place 1 x Online Order for Yourself over $88 after 1st July 2024 to be eligible & your SANAME Points Balance MUST be over 55,000pts for us to VALIDATE & REDEEM Gift Card for you.

  Note - You can earn more than 1 x $500 Prepaid Gift Mastercard , SIMPLY REPEAT THE WHOLE PROCESS (ie. You x 1 order + 16 referred orders, You x 2 orders + 32 referred orders, You x 3 orders + 48 referred orders  etc)

*Full Terms & Conditions on website & these are subject to change without notice  if required, as this a trial word of mouth marketing exercise valid from 01/07/2024 - 01/10/2024, which may be shortened or extended once evaluated further. Please contact us if you have any Q’s - info@saname.com