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Love it 😍

Great taste, love it 😍

Amazing 🤩

Absolutely love this broth will definitely be getting more 👍🏻

Sample box

I’ve never tried bone broth until a friend suggested to give it a go… well I’m in love !! The different flavours are amazing and so quick and easy to create a meal 🥘 Yum 😋

Renew on life!!

I am post cancer & auto immune/chronic disease, I started using Saname a few weeks ago & the results have been huge! My energy is up, my brain fog has lifted & my weight is coming off, my mood has improved & never feeling hungry or fighting off unhealthy cravings-I cannot believe how much it's helped so many areas of my life & I am so great-ful to Peta for recommending the 28 day programme- it's truly a life changer!!

You had sold out of the chicken so I choose the Vietnam Pho, just beautiful and warming, so not disappointed at all there was no chicken!

Very happy return customer

Delicious bone broth and quick delivery.

The essence of deliciousness!

The Vietnamese Pho infused bone broth is just wonderful - the essence of deliciousness. The thing with all the various bone broths is that you can FEEL them healing you and helping you to stay healthy. I love the Miso Ramen and the Singapore Laksa as well. It is hard to believe there is so much natural taste in just a scoop of powder!

Love this product

This is the first bone broth Ive tried that tastes good enough to drink by itself. As the weather cools its so nice to have a hot cup of what tastes like chicken soup to me and being able to boost my protein intake at the same time as knowing there are no nasties in it is amazing .

Best travel companion

Saname is a game changer for me, it is the best bone broth I have found to travel with, the little sachets make it easy to have anywhere, I travel alot and usually fast when I fly, but now I enjoy Saname, I also live doing a 3 day cleanse when I get home to boost my immune system. Highly reccomend all of the flavours.. great products !

Vietnamese Pho is delicious 😋

This has amazing flavour, another one of my favourites ❤️


Just loving this one, especially now it's getting colder. I was sick with a bad flu and had this everyday! I now have a cup everyday, so good for the system. 👍🩵

Saname coffee

Lovely smooth taste, with creamy creama on top. Even better that's its packed with collagen and protein. Loving this product ❤️

The bomb

Liquid gold, awesome nourishing tasty drink.


So tasty and delicious along with transforming my health.

Easy protein for my vege soups

I add miso ramen as the a. stock flavour and b. easy to digest protein to all my vege soups.

Coffee broth

Great coffee taste that gives me all the goodness n one cup of coffee.
Knowing I’m getting a boost of collagen makes me happy! So I’m one happy lady enjoying my Sanane coffee done just right.

Superbone collagen bone broth

Absolutely delicious when drinking and knowing I’m getting all the goodness makes my drink even more enjoyable. All the benefits of this broth is exactly what I need as I hit my 50’s.
This broth makes me feel full in between my meals so I’m able to suppress my hunger that little bit longer.
I so recommend this broth and I’m one happy customer.

Brilliant Product

Very happy with this product, lots of flavor and has quickly made it to one of my daily morning routines!!

i frist tasted.it at the melbourne fittness expo and i did buy a packet there i like it but i think that it is expensive

Chicken superboth

Tastes amazing, just like chicken soup. Will defi order more.

Chocolate Multi-Collagen

Very yummy and helps my skin to stay healthy - win win

I love this product however I didn’t receive the single serves I was upgraded to the bigger pack size so can’t take away for hiking . However I do use for work and fill a flask with this bone broth it’s amazing my hair is so shiny and healthy looking I’m recovering from a life threatening illness that made me bedridden so the ingredients are very important I would like to suggest a change of canola oil to a healthy alternative to remove any toxicity from this product. But it is almost one of her best out there without toxic additives and bulk fillers.

Love it my hair was so dull and a friend moving house gave me the rest of her package ordered which I tried now my hair is so amazingly shiny and healthiest it’s looked in a while I’ve been struggling with addingtons disease. Single for camping and hiking as well which was why I ordered single serves with a flask of hot water - perfect!
I highly recommend. Although the ingredients are organic and healthy except canola oil- that’s rancid maybe a olive or coconut or avocado oil change to make it top notch xx

Love! Love! Love!

I absolutely love the chocolate. Hot or cold it’s delicious! It’s versatile too, there are lots of drinks and foods you can add it to.