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Loving your Bone Broth, have every night before bed and sleep extremely well.


Amazing by itself as a broth or add as a seasoning on veggies. Try this if you have fussy kids who won't eat their veggies they will love the chicken flavour. Leaves you feeling so good and fulfilled.

It's a hit even with my 18month toddler!

These bone broths are amazing as a base, or a snack as described!! My toddler loved the broth so the next day, I used this to make a savoury oat porridge with some frozen peas! What a hit!


It's great on its own, it's great in the sausage pasta stew I made for dinner! What a great decision to buy this to nourish myself and my family!!

Running late

I slept in, grabbed my sachet of saname coffee, made it up at work. I had my black, it tasted amazing, nice and smooth coffee.

Taste like milo

Loved the chocolate. Was just like Milo. I made an iced chocolate with lactose free milk, tasted divine and kept me full, I didn’t have a usual afternoon snack.

Morning Coffee

My morning cup of coffee just got better with the Saname Coffee, delicious

Super bone broth.

I'm a regular customer but haven't been able to stock up on my bone broth for a while. The taste is absolutely fabulous. I know I'm getting real flavour and minerals to help me live a more healthy lifestyle. Thankyou .

ONE OF EVERYTHING - 25 x Variety P360™ Multi-Collagen Brews & Bone Broths

This is a good introduction pack, if you're not sure of what you'd really like.
Everyone's tastes will vary, so some broths & brews will appeal differently. For me the (chicken) super bone broth & tom yum (chicken) have been the best taste bud happiness - these broths are good for coming off a water fast!! Not sure if there's a beefy broth , but I'm sure it would taste amazing also!
If the flavours could be a bit more highlighted with the label style name (less fine print), it would be handy. Over all a great product ! :)

As always I find Saname a superior supplement. Disappointment in the reduced size of packing able.

My favourite

I could drink this every day (and currently do).
Delicious and nutritious and I can feel it helps my iron levels. What I love about it is that I get the benefits without having to eat the chicken (I just can't stomach chicken or most meats but know the importance of meat) or having it be a strong chicken flavour or texture.

A great way to add flavour to a meal.

Lovely, tasty and nurturing

Taste like yummy warm hug with tiny bit of spice, this soup has almost velvety texture! If you want somehting comforting to make you happy and full - have a cup of green curry!

Excellent product, highly recommend it and definitely coming back for more, my fav’s are the chicken broth, Vietnamese Pho and the chocolate! 👍👍👍

Overall Best One

This hands down is the best one I have ever tasted and I will most definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you for your dedication in quality and health.

Love your chicken broth


I have my coffee and collagen 360 every morning tasteless it’s amazing
I have tried several and made me sick Saname doesn’t also I know how clean it is 🙏


Love this in my smoothie

Love love love

Guys I can’t live without this stuff ❤️❤️❤️❤️🦋🦋🦋


Absolutely love this product saname gold❤️

Vietnamese Pho

Really loving the Saname Vietnamese Pho Bone Broth.

Love this product finding it very beneficial a bit expensive but worth it

Great bone broth

Most cost effective bone broth on the market ,very convenient to use, I use it in my cooking or in my morning coffee. Great product .

our favourite flavour

The Tom Yum is delicious at any time. We cook up prawns and rice noodles to have with it and have it for a light evening meal that takes about 5 mins to prepare. super nutritious and tasty