It's time to help yourself from the inside out...

Saname is an Australian health food business, specialising in collagen & bone broths. Our broad range of science-backed, high protein, multi-structured collagen, hot & cold brews, bone broths & soup powders have been specifically developed to assist with maintaining optimum health, fitness, vitality and well-being.

Saname - Where did the name come from and what does it means to us?

The word Saname (sa-na-me) originates from Latin / Spanish meaning 'heal-me', 'Sana' also means 'to live' in Japanese / Korean, 'healthy' in Italian, 'hope' in Filipino & 'gold' in Meitei which all reflect the intention of our range.

The best tasting range of low-carb proteins on the market!

Saname 'Superbone' chicken bone broth mixes so easy, it is great just with hot water as a simple broth, or can be added to the full rich flavour of minces and stews as the perfect stock base. Breakfast on the run just got easier and a whole lot healthier, Saname Coffee Collagen: 19.8g of protein to help you kick start your busy day! P360 Collagen is a flavourless product that is so neutral it can be added to anything to bulk up the protein content and you won't even taste it! 18 different flavoured hot & cold brew collagens to choose from, along with a selection of 5 flavoured bone broth collagens. Why not kickstart your 2021 and get your Ultimate 1 month Kickstart Variety Taste Pack now! We know you are going to enjoy these absolutely amazing foods, Yes they are essential foods they are not supplements, and they help stimulate your body from the inside out.

Saname - Functional food with purpose for superior cellular health

Warning - Not all collagen products are created equal!

Our P360 product is 100% Hydrolysed Collagen Protein Peptides - Nothing else. We haven't added fillers or other ingredients to "fluff" it up - we love it just the way it is. Our unique formula is made up of several differently structured collagen peptides not just one single type of collagen. Each differently structured collagen peptide has different functionalities and has been designed to stimulate different areas of the body.

We have done the hard work for you. Our team have spent the time, effort and money to research, formulate, develop and produce a unique multi-structured collagen blend to help you repair, nourish, build, calm and heal your body. We are extremely proud of this one-of-a-kind formula, a world first and a global market leading product. We love our P360 Collagen so much that our complete collagen range contains this blend.

We only want to offer the highest quality, cutting-edge products and make them available to you. Simply put, we are proud to source our collagen from the global leaders in the collagen peptide market. Our P360 Unflavoured Collagen has a neutral taste, odour and is clean label.

Our company is Australian owned and operated, bringing together German Science & Aussie Innovation to give you a unique, collagen matrix - designed to help your body increase its own natural collagen production. Our entire range is 'Practitioner Grade Formulated', available directly to the public and from certified health & wellness practitioners.

We make world-class flavoured collagen & bone broths, produced in Australia using the highest grade hydrolysed collagens from around the globe. Our products are mainly sourced from Germany & Brazil, then masterfully crafted by our food, science, nutrition & collagen specialists into healthy, high-protein, low-carb flavoured brews & flavoured bone broths. Each individual formula features our unique 6-in-1 P360 unflavoured collagen for the world to enjoy.